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Dust To Stars

The tragic death of a young patient Jude Hollis unveils a disturbing trend of ‘Hikikomori’, youths retreating into digital seclusion. Neurologist Elin Sørensen searches for answers, leading her to the shadowy recesses of the dark web. Here she discovers ‘Dust to Stars,’ a game blurring the lines between virtual and reality, which draws its players toward “The Children of Elysia” and its enigmatic leader, Cabe McAllister, whose alluring vision of a digital nirvana draws in the disenchanted.

Eye Of The Beholder

Haunted by his past encounter with the virtual cult, The Children of Elysia, Kristjan becomes ensnared in a perilous game of cat and mouse that transcends the boundaries of the digital and physical worlds. He encounters ‘digital ghosts’ trapped between these two realms, who struggle to break free. As the lines between the virtual and real worlds blur, Kristjan must question the very nature of reality as he confronts the powerful force of Tech Giant Asimov, determined to keep their secrets buried.

‘The Beauty of Dreams’ expertly weaves a tale of intrigue, deception, and self-discovery, transporting readers into a world where virtual and real boundaries are as fragile as the human mind itself.



The Beauty Of Dreams

The gripping conclusion to the Dust To Stars series plunges deep into the darkest aspects of the digital world. Confined within the walls of the prestigious Massachusetts Psychiatric Facility, Kirstjan must convince his caretakers of the reality behind his extraordinary experiences or be lost forever. His voice drowned out amid the sea of patients. As Kristjan faces the sinister forces working tirelessly to silence him, he must summon the strength and determination to shatter the boundaries of perception and expose the sinister truth that threatens his own future and the very nature of reality in this new world.

Prepare for a thought-provoking finale that will challenge your understanding of the limits of perception. Dust To Stars masterfully concludes the trilogy, leaving the audience questioning the very nature of reality itself.





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