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The Katadesis Chronicles series of five books combines traditional print with digital to take the reader deeper into the virtual world. The MetaBook combines the power of virtual reality to fully immerse readers in the vivid landscapes and intricate environments described within its pages. Readers can enter the story world, explore detailed character backstories, uncover hidden lore, and engage with fellow readers in a thriving online community centred around the shared narrative.

Scroll down to see extracts from volume one, ‘Pandini’. 

Enter the world of 15th century Italy to find the secrets beneath the Sant’Antimo Abbey and the Church Of San Pietro.

Prologue: The Monastery Of San Pietro

The day’s heat subsided, replaced by the cooler evening air that found its way into the modest chamber. Father Bruni’s eyes dulled under the candlelight, revealing pain flickering across his pallid face. He struggled to breathe, his gaze settling on the boy, who watched him intently.
‘Will God have mercy on me?”God forgives us all,’ the boy responded, tears welling in his eyes.
The old man glanced at the Bibles arranged on a nearby shelf, a fleeting expression of fear crossing his face. ‘I shall soon discover the truth.’ He recalled the ornate church, the flickering candlelight dancing across the intricate Venetian chandeliers—a lavish gift from their influential benefactor, the Medici family. A grandiose Mass, suitable for a cardinal, took place in a church far too opulent for a humble monastery. It struck him as peculiar that the Medici still believed that wealth could purchase anything, even a place in heaven, for a loyal servant.
With the little strength that remained, he pressed the seal into the boy’s hand.
“You are a virtuous boy, Francesco. Obey my instructions, and all shall be well. Go to the library in Firenze, and remember, do not let Lorenzo de’ Medici see you.”

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Chapter 1. Hollow Creek

The motley procession of trucks and carts adorned with vibrant banners from the previous town trundled up the narrow lane to Coldmount Ridge. Men’s shouts reverberated as they strained to erect the magnificent tents, urging them to stand proud. Flags danced in the gentle breeze, the glowing sign above the entrance announcing ‘The Circus Of Wonders’.

Word soon spread, luring those who had evaded the grasp of school or chores to the outskirts of the encampment, eager to witness the marvels it promised. Emboldened by the absence of watchful mothers, older boys boasted who would be the first to lay eyes on ‘Marina, The Mermaid From The Depths Of The Deepest Ocean’, hoping she would resemble the tantalising illustrations they had seen. Enthralled by the wonder at their doorstep, they absorbed every detail of this captivating world.

The circus offered a welcome reprieve from the harsh realities of life. Reeling from the grip of the Great Depression, the residents of Hollow Creek had battled for survival. After two barren summers, the first tender shoots had pierced the parched earth, and a fragile sliver of hope had taken root with them.

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Battle the storm to land safely at Whaleback lighthouse.

Chapter 9. Whaleback Lighthouse

Casting a wary eye at the ominous clouds congregating in the distance, Tom became aware of a menacing growl. Soon, the churning darkness engulfed them. Finding themselves in the eye of the storm, the warning beacon of the lighthouse a faint glimmer in the distance.

He clung to the rope with white-knuckled determination, rain pounding the flimsy balloon fabric, which swayed dangerously. ‘We need to bring her down over there,’ Chu hollered, ‘when I give the word, cut the flame.’ His voice was barely audible amidst the howling storm. Buffeted by crosswinds, the balloon careened towards the dark sea that threatened to swallow them whole. Heart racing, Tom clutched the cord tightly, resisting the urge to inject more fire into the burner, knowing he must let the storm spit them out. Chu cast a concerned glance, a flicker of worry crossing his usually calm face.

‘Hold firm,’ his voice barely concealing his mounting anxiety. ‘The landing could be rough!’

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Chapter 34. The Telsa Station

The graceful movements of the enormous machinery, every piece working in perfect harmony, transfixed Jorgen. The facility represented a revolutionary leap forward in energy production, utilising the Earth’s magnetic energy to generate electrical currents. Showcasing a stunning design, a viewing gallery encircled the main floor. Beatrice Cooper sought to create a structure that was as breathtakingly beautiful as nature itself, a feat she accomplished with brilliant success. Jorgen’s eyes fell upon a small plaque bearing an inscription at the foot of the largest machine.

“If you only knew the magnificence of the  3, 6, and 9, then you would have the key to the universe”. Telsa.

Enter Katadesis and The Telsa Station built by Telsa and Bea Cooper.

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The attack on the Temple at Cho Min is a call to arms for each to decide which side they will take.

Chapter 39. The Temple at Ho Min

The explosion tore through the building, sending flames and debris into the sky. Tom grabbed Lei. “This way.” He urged, pulling her toward the doorway. He could see the guards running toward the central building, where the council had been seated moments earlier. She turned to him, dazed. “Who would do this?”  Turning to reply, Tom’s eyes met with the barrel of a gun.

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